Dawlance owned by Bashir DawoodDawlance: Bashir Dawood’s Brainchild in the Pakistani Home Appliance Industry

Pakistan’s leading premium home appliance company, Dawlance, first opened its doors to homes and households in 1980. The privately-held organization remains committed to providing superior and quality home appliances for households all over Pakistan. The company strives to provide durable and reliable products to its customers.

Founded by Bashir Dawood, Dawlance started off as a humble refrigeration producer in 1980. It opened its first branch at Karachi Clifton Steel Bridge at Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road. With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Dawlance has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Bashir Dawood’s company has now evolved to become at the forefront of the Pakistani home appliance industry. It has prided itself on offering products that are built-to-last and excellent post-sales customer services.

Bashir Dawood has expanded Dawlance beyond the city of Karachi and opened another branch in Hyderabad. Currently, it is the 7th most popular local brand in Pakistan for its superb quality home appliances and excellent services in Pakistan and the Middle East.

To date, Bashir Dawood has seen through the enaction of 37 branches in the Middle East with more than 750 franchises within Pakistani borders. The corporation was even awarded the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

In 2016, Bashir Dawood sold Dawlance. Acquired by Turkish household appliance manufacturer Arçelik A.S.. Bashir Dawood’s brainchild was sold for $258m.

Currently, Dawlance retails state-of-the-art chest freezers, washing machines, spit system air conditioning, vertical freezers, microwave ovens and many more home appliances. The team continues to remain committed to its mission of offering the best and more reliable home devices in Pakistan.


Home Appliances that are Built to Last

Founder Bashir Dawood has always been dedicated to quality products. Reliable and advanced technologies function as the foundations of Dawlance home appliances and products. We seek to promote these values throughout the levels of our company.

Bashir Dawood, an active philanthropist of the Dawood family has been an active player in facilitating a transparent business culture with open communication and teamwork at Dawlance.


Core Values and Hopes for the Future

The team at Dawlance aspires to turn Bashir Dawood’s dream of becoming the most reliable home appliance company into a reality. It is our desire to make the Pakistani nation proud through unwavering and relentless efforts towards our long-term goals.

We strive to use clear communication, mutual inter-peer respect, transparency, unity and innovation to guide us in our pursuits now and into the future. Dawlance sets itself apart from the rest by having strong core foundations and an inclusive but productive culture.